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For the last some years, at Shadow Infosystem we have internalized a fact: if you are not visible, you do not exist. Well, in the digital world, visibility is what matters. 

The pandemic spurred a race for visibility. Restricted by the curbs, businesses were left with the only choice to move online. Now, businesses were competing to come into view. But, with thousands of companies around, who would get the maximum visibility? 

To sharpen the visibility of our clients, companies like us, use sets of principles and tools. In just the last two years. Since the pandemic hit and the race intensified. We have made hundreds of our clients visible, and are inching towards becoming one of the best SEO companies in Noida

If you would like to know what goes into enhancing the visibility of a website, and how we balance different aspects to rank it higher on search engines, keep reading. 

What is SEO? 

In search engine optimization (SEO) we strike a balance between several aspects of a website or webpage to make it rank higher on search engines. Ranking higher on search engines increases a website’s visibility, which directly correlates with increased traffic. Increased traffic brings more customers, leading to more revenue generation. 

A direct consequence of ranking on a search engine is that your website has what people are looking for, and your content has the best quality as measured by the search engine algorithms. 

How SEO works? 

All search engines strive to show the best results, although it may depend on their algorithms. If you search for the same word on Google and Bing, they may show different results, or if the results are similar, their ranking may differ. 

When a search engine’s algorithm comes looking for relevant content, we try to show that our content is the best for the topic at hand. That is SEO. It can become a complicated and delicate task at times, given how many pages we have to outrank. Fortunately, one of the Best SEO Services in Noida like us ready to take on the task and accelerate your page ranking. 

Why is Google important? 

Of all the searches on various search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and Google, Google has approximately 92% of it. 

Therefore, it is wise to optimize your website and webpages for Google, as it is likely that your potential customer is going to look for it on Google. 

What determines a website’s rank on Google? 

There are many aspects that Google looks into to rank your webpage (you should note, Google ranks webpages, not websites.) Although we do not know exactly how many factors Google takes into consideration, with experience and proven results, we know some of the factors that certainly work. We can look into these aspects in two ways: 

  1. On-Page 
  2. Off-Page 


On-page factors are items on your website that are within your control. We typically categorize them into two: 

  1. Technical 
  2. Content 

Technical: these items are the technicalities of your website. 

i)-  Page-speed: A page that loads fast is more likely to give its users a better experience, as no user would want to keep waiting for the page to load. For Google, customer satisfaction is the priority. Therefore, a page that takes too long to load will go down in page ranking. 

ii)- Mobile friendly: As we see mobile phones becoming more potent, businesses move toward optimizing their sites for mobile versions. Of all Google searches, nearly 61% come from mobile devices, and there is no doubt that the number is going to increase. 

If your website is optimized for desktops, it is likely that most customers who usually use their phones will not have a smooth experience. 

iii)- Site architecture: A site that is easy to navigate and lets algorithms find relevant content will rank higher than sites that are not so. Some content on the websites gets blocked because while designing your website, optimized for SEO. Google can not access this blocked content, which will make your content unuseful. 

Content: Typically, people are going to visit your website because it has the information they are looking for. And they are looking for it on Google to find the best site that provides them with relevant information. 

The best way to garner traffic for your website and rank higher is to produce quality content that is also relevant to what people are looking for. For that, you would like to know your target audience and tailor content that serves their need. 

Here are some tips to bring quality to your content: 

  • Use plain language: most people come to your website to know about a product or get some information. Peppering difficult words could turn the reader away. 
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Use lists where necessary. 
  • Provide useful information when appropriate: you do not want to tell every aspect of your products or services. Therefore, where necessary, direct your customers to an appropriate link when the customer will be more satisfied. 


Off-page factors are the things you can not influence directly. To deliver the most relevant results, search engines’ algorithms use various other factors:  

i)- Reputation: If a site is recognized for its expertise in a particular field, search engines will rank it higher. Such sites tend to have a wider reach, too. However, wider reach doesn’t mean a higher ranking. A search engine may also look at what kinds of websites refer to your webpage—whether they are within your field; engagement metrics-how long people remain on the page; how long the site has been operating the review from other sources. 

ii)- Links: The internet is the web of links. Nothing exists in a silo. A search engine will use links to your website or webpage on other web pages to determine your rank. If people are referring to your webpage. That means it has something valuable or relevant, and that’s how Google knows its value and determines its rank. 

You would like to ensure quality content that provides relevant content.  

Social media can help too. But when your business is local and relevant to a small group of people. It is unlikely that social media will help to rank higher. Instead, engaging customers and gaining favorable reviews of your product can help to a great extent. 

What about other search engines? 

We look into other search engines’ algorithms too. They all have their own criteria to rank web pages. However, to some extent, they are similar. All search engines are trying to give their user the best experience. Therefore, they look for aspects that make users’ experience great. 

Just like most people would like a mobile phone to have a function to call, click photos and play music. Similarly, some expectations are common among customers that lead to customer satisfaction. So, while we optimize for one search engine, for others we may have to tweak it to optimize. 

However, as the figures suggest, Google accounts for food in more than 90% of searches. Therefore, it is practical to tailor SEO around Google’s algorithms. 

How is Shadow different? 

At Shadow, we believe in a comprehensive approach to SEO. We keep a constant check on search engines’ algorithms to detect changes that can turn advantageous to us, in turn, we pass these advantages to our clients. 

Our long-term approach to optimization considers every aspect of SEO and aligns with the changing nature of search engines’ algorithms. You can be assured that we do not side-step algorithms to gain a temporary advantage. 

As the article discussed, content, website architecture, links, and more play an important role in optimization. We balance all these aspects to enhance your rank in google or on search engines. We have been awarded excellent SEO services in Noida, and like hundreds of our people, we are ready to be your trusted partner. 

In a digital age, where visibility brings you business, it is vital that one of our tasks is to maintain our visibility. SEO helps to maintain that visibility. 

There are many search engines. But Google has the majority share. And it is a wise choice to optimize for its algorithms. Additionally, off-page and on-page optimization go hand in hand.

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